Corporate Security – What To Check?

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Let’s face it. VIP’s need not be people who walk down a red carpet amid a lot of popping flashbulbs and screaming fans! In your daily life, today’s VIP is the CEO of your corporation, or the keynote speaker at your next big industry convention.

Corporate security encompasses many stereotype images … from the staffer opening up the door to the car while holding an umbrella to the guard standing at the doorway checking badges, passes and credentials. Today, the face of corporate security has changed a lot.

Many times you may not even realize that there is security present. The person may blend in and be providing a more vigilant but subtle presence, so as not to alert or alarm others. Because Corporate Security has so multi-faceted, it can be hard to know what is available, or what to look for when comparing companies.

Plan for Security Needs In Advance of your Event

Let’s say you have a special corporate event that is in the planning stages. The best time to start looking at your security options for such an event is as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to match the your event flow to the over-arching security plan that is in place for the event.

A good security plan needs time. The more time that an agency has to create a plan, and refine it, the better the overall security when it’s time. Let’s look at some of the questions and options that you might want to consider, when comparing multiple Security Companies and checking their pricing and services.

Know What You Want and Need In A Security Company

Before you start interviewing security companies, you need to know what you want. What kinds of security would you need?

Are you going to need transportation/transfer security to transfer certain VIP’s from their destination points, (like the airport) and accompanying them to their hotels?

Would you be requiring armed or unarmed guards at the company event?

Do you need guards to be in or out of uniform due to the nature of the event (Like a jewelry convention etc) where a visible security presence acts like a deterrent?

Most corporate events are spread out over multiple venues, some may be indoors and some outdoors, such as team building activities. There may also be after-hours events where the hotel bar is usually closed off to everyone but invitees, or a special outing is planned. Security firms need to have this big picture – so much of their success depends upon planning, logistics, coordination and distribution of their security personnel during the event. Bottomline: Each event has its own unique security fingerprint.

Specialized Security vs. General Security

This is another thing to consider – area of specialization. This usually has a marked influence upon their rates. A firm specializing in Corporate Security may charge more but realize that you will be working with a firm that does this sort of thing every day, which implies they must do it well and they have developed expert skill sets that may be worth what they charge. On the other hand, a General Security company may be cheaper but have all sorts of security services available – they may have no real specialty. In most cases, they won’t charge as high as a black label firm would, but you are not getting the refinements of a specialty company, and they may be re-purposing general staff for your event that most of the time, are standing guard in a mall somewhere or sitting at a guards kiosk.

Whether or not this is the right move for you, depends largely upon your assessment of your own risk profile. Generally speaking, the more at risk, the further you should lean towards looking at a specialized agency. Going in with a clear outline of your needs, and an understanding of the risks involved can help, but consulting with a security professional is always a wise choice as they may be able to provide valuable insights and suggestions to help best meet your needs.


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