K-9s Can Help Corporations Find Narcotics, Opioids Before It’s Too Late

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The opioid epidemic is showing no signs of slowing down because chronic pain is now a real life challenge for millions of Americans. The trouble is one thing leads to another and folks are now needing to be weaned off opioids. We, at Police Protection Services LLC, decided to offer a K-9 based service to help Maryland businesses know when to get their employees some help.

Police use K-9s every day, but we have specialist narcotics dogs trained for private use – they are our newest weapon in the fight against opioids. Our K-9s can sniff drugs in a matter of seconds.

We have had a series of calls from concerned businesses who are concerned that their employees are bringing narcotics to the workplace. For a very affordable price, our K-9s will sniff out any drugs in the office environment. It’s quicker and much more thorough than your untrained security guards searching on their own.

The only way you’re going to find any stash of narcotics is with a dog. We find regularly find stuff in AAA batteries, cigarette packs, rolled-up socks, behind the cupboards. Unless you’ve got a whole day to leisurely go through every article, furniture and corner in your office rooms, you’re not going to find it. Our K-9 narcotics sniffer dog will come in on a booked date, and in two to three minutes, can find it! The next step should be an immediate call by your HR team to professionals like doctors or legal experts for help and advice.

Police Protection Services recommend that businesses confront any narcotics abuse as soon as possible – the opioid epidemic has claimed too many lives to wait or be concerned about breaking an employee’s trust. The dangers of not doing something far outweigh the challenges in running a quick office scan using our K-9s.

Prevent the next drug overdosing based death, often due to work pressure or office politics or simply an employees’s addiction to opioids due to to past prescription for chronic pain.

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