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Security Services Baltimore, Annapolis and Frederick. Police Protection Services, LLC offers a wide variety of security services to provide solutions to potential problems in public places. We offer armed security guards who are also off-duty policemen. Only highly trained personnel are employed by Police Protection Services for your security service requirements. We cater to businesses, government, private citizens from all walks of life. We are here to serve. Call Chris for a free assessment and quote. (410) 977-1510 One of The Best Private Security Firms In Maryland We Deliver What We Promise Are Exclusive Security Companies a Good Choice for Your Company? There are lots of ways in which a business can revamp or upgrade its security methods. One of these approaches is to utilize the services of an exclusive security service. Personal security used to be something that was available for larger companies or the fabulously well-off. Today, things have changed. Many companies sell off-site security services uses camera, motion detection and video door bells. But when real “top-notch” security is warranted, find a company that has great leadership and the skills needed to assess and bring to fruition a real security plan that could use: Top Requested Security Services • highly trained high-risk management skilled off-duty police officers • area patrols, and even • K-9 services when and where the situation warrants. Explosives Detection. Onsite exclusive security solutions can truly safeguard a business, a theater, a hospital or a corporate structure. They guarantee that everything is nice and tightly secured. No undetected intrusions can occur. They will check who gets in and also leaves the property. We use off duty, licensed to carry officers in situation where there is a likelihood of criminal activity. Naturally, this provides an additional level of security. Check out a security firm’s leadership credentials and reviews. Others have used their services, what do they say about the level of professionalism? Some companies pay low wages and hire low wage workers who are not skilled or trained to handle tough situations.