The Case for Added Security in Common Areas

Common Area Security

What do banks, hospitals and pharmacies all have in common? They are all public places with a lot of foot traffic. In a time characterized by a general sense of uncertainty, securing these common areas with an off-duty, well-trained police officer is more important than ever. What can off-duty police presence do for your space?

Enforce COVID-19 Protocols

Unfortunately, instances of individuals refusing to comply with COVID-19 protocols are common, but these protocols exist for a reason. Business owners should take steps to make sure all visitors in common areas comply with the proper guidelines. An off-duty officer can peacefully remind visitors of these guidelines without any need of escalating the situation beyond a polite conversation.

Deescalate Tense Encounters

Even in times of normalcy, tense encounters can arise at any given moment and with heightened anxiety being common right now, even simple misunderstandings can develop into heated situations in common areas. A well-trained off-duty police officer can intervene in these situations and ideally prevent anyone from making a mistake that will stick with them for years to come. However, if the officer has no choice but to detain a visitor or escort them from the premises, they will be fully ready to handle the situation professionally and peacefully.

Traffic Control

Pharmacies and hospitals, especially those administering COVID-19 vaccines, are witnessing a great deal of traffic that will likely continue throughout the year. If you noticed that your parking lot is piling up with cars, it might be time to hire an off-duty cop to take care of traffic control. If your traffic begins to spill into the street or other businesses, it could violate local laws. An officer trained in traffic direction will have the prowess to keep your lots flowing and your visitors stress-free as they navigate through your space.

Protect Your Common Areas with Police Protection Services LLC

Police Protection Services is your best resource for drone services and armed security guards for hire. Our experienced off-duty police officers are here to help whether you’re looking for a security guard to help at your retail store or seeking some general assistance during these turbulent times. Contact us at (410) 977-1510 today!

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