The Deterrence Effect: 5 Reasons to Protect Your Business and Clientele.

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Business has become increasingly difficult, especially for retail stores. In many major metropolitan cities, theft, robbery and larceny rank high on the list of most common crimes. These crimes happen 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I am sure many, if not all major and small business owners have contemplated hiring an off-duty Police Officer, Armed or Unarmed Guard at some point in time. If you have not, you may want to consider it.

In this article, I will discuss five reasons that Police Protection Services are beneficial to your Business.

1- Higher perceived risk of apprehension by potential thieves or robbers.

A well-trained, uniformed Officer wielding a firearm can serve as a crime deterrent to most criminals. A criminal’s decision-making process is typically influenced by at least one of the three Ds, Distance, Duration, and Detection. These three elements are always present no matter what type of business you have: convenience store, bank, restaurant, high-end retail outlet, or jewelry store. Having an officer present or even on patrol in the area of your business is seen by criminals as having a higher “Deterrence” factor. A criminal’s decision-making process takes on more thought when an officer is present within sight or hearing distance. The deterrent effect associated with officers being in the general area, makes the crime of opportunity less likely to happen at your place of business.

2- Accessibility to Officer’s Patrol Car or On-Duty Vehicle.

If you own a restaurant, convenience store or retail outlet that sells items from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, an unarmed guard can only do so much for your business. In some cases, the distance from the outside of your building to the location of the robbery is too far from an unarmed guard. In those cases, police officers on patrol or those on On-duty vehicles have a distinct advantage over unarmed guards. The accessibility of an Officer’s On-Duty vehicle can be a significant deterrent to criminals and robbers attempting to steal from your store or business location. Only having one way in and one way out of your Business, makes an Officer’s On-Duty vehicle strategically placed in close proximity to your location even more beneficial.

3- Response time for serious crimes committed against you or your customers.

Unarmed Guards can only “react” after a crime has already occurred. Police Officers on Patrol or those on an On-Duty vehicle can typically arrive shortly after the crime has occurred and may prevent additional crimes from happening. This is done by their presence alone. People committing crimes do not like to be observed committing a crime and will change their minds if they think that someone might intervene or catch them in the act of committing a crime.

An Unarmed Guard is not a Police Officer and can only “react” after a criminal(s) has already committed the crime against you or your customers. In some cases that is too late if lives are at stake. The presence of an armed, uniformed Police Officer patrolling the area of your business location can potentially reduce or eliminate additional crimes from happening.

Your employees and customers will feel more secure when armed Police Officers are in the vicinity of your business location.

The presence of an armed Police Officer patrolling the area of your business can give your employees and customers a sense of security that is well needed, when you consider that Unarmed Guards can only do so much to protect your Business and those who patronize it.

An armed officer has more options available to him or her than an unarmed guard does, and these different options can help potentially save lives and prevent serious crimes from happening.

5- Having a Police Officer on Patrol or On-Duty within the vicinity of your business location can reduce the risk of crime and keep it from happening to begin with.

Unarmed Guards can do a lot to help protect your business location by being observant and letting you or someone who has authority know that something is amiss. But they cannot stop crimes from happening at your place of Business, like Police Officers on Patrol or those on On-Duty vehicles can.

In some cases, an Unarmed Guard may only be able to observe a crime or multiple crimes from beginning to end and then call 911 after it has already happened. This is why police officers on patrol or those who are assigned to on-duty vehicles have a distinct advantage over unarmed guards when it comes to protecting your business location.

Police Protection Services LLC is a professional security company that can help your business protect its people, property, and profits. We provide armed and unarmed security guards, patrol services, risk assessments, and more. Our team of highly trained professionals are available 24/7 to keep your business safe. Contact us today at (410) 977-1510 to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation.

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