Why You Might Need Armed Security in Today’s Climate

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Are you on the fence about whether you need armed security for your business? It can be a tough decision! However, we have three reasons why hiring armed security can be the best choice for your business, your employees and your customers in today’s climate.

Presence is Everything

Our security team is armed, but we believe that in a perfect world, the only reason we’d ever have to unholster our weapons is to get some shooting practice in at the gun range. Luckily, the presence of an armed guard dramatically reduces the chances of crimes like vandalism, theft and assault taking place. These crimes are all too common these days, and the best security guards are trained to deescalate these situations before the use of force is necessary.

Avoid Potentially Highly Dangerous Situations

Sometimes, the use of lethal force is absolutely necessary. We see far too many tragic events like mass shootings that occur seemingly every month in the United States. The locations of mass shootings can vary, but the one thing they have in common is that they take place in moderately to highly trafficked areas. An armed security guard actively monitoring such a space can quickly jump in when lethal situations start brewing and potentially prevent tragedy.

Heightened Sense of Security

We’re all aware of the risks we take each day when we leave our homes and go to public spaces. Mass shootings happen. Burglaries happen. Assault happens. When you have an armed and trained security guard on your premises, the likelihood of any of these crimes taking place decreases drastically. That can create peace of mind for business owners, employees and customers alike. When you create a safe public space, your employees are more likely to be more productive, and your customers are likely to favor you over the competition.

Protect Your Space with Armed Security from Police Protection Services LLC

Police Protection Services is your best resource for drone services and armed security guards for hire. Our experienced off-duty police officers are here to help whether you’re looking for a security guard to help at your retail store or seeking some general assistance during these turbulent times. Contact us at (410) 977-1510 today!