Why Your Hospital Needs Extra Security During Protests and Riots

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Hospital Security Guard: Many private businesses have taken the initiative to hire additional private security assistance as a result of the recent protests and riots sweeping the United States. However, other businesses like hospitals and banks should also consider stepping up their existing security force to meet the uptick in need. 

Lessons from the Past

In Baltimore, MD, the city was gripped by riots in the aftermath of the Freddie Gray incident. Hospitals acted quickly, even when protests were peaceful, to plan how to protect the campus in the event that things got out of hand and riots began. This was critical to protect workers, patients, visitors and everyone else coming in and out of the hospital. What happened? While riots broke out, a CVS store was burned to the ground and many people were injured, there was not a single report of looting or violence on any of the four major hospital campuses in Baltimore. 

So, what did those hospitals do to prepare for the potential of dangerous and out of control riots?

  • Used city officials and security to ensure that staff members could safely get to and from the hospital building and avoid routes that had hot spots for protests or violence so that they would be safe and their cars would not be damaged
  • Hired extra security staff to patrol the parking lots and parking garages where employee and patient vehicles were parked to reduce the chance of vandalism, as well as asking employees who normally parked in open lots to park in on-campus garages or lots that were easier to control
  • Doubled security officers at the entrance to each hospital, as well as adding additional patrols around the exterior of each facility to identify any suspicious or dangerous activities
  • Required all visitors to the building to check in with security and receive a visitor’s badge to identify that they were supposed to be there

In emergency situations like these, you cannot rely on the normal police resources that are available. By taking inspiration from the actions of Baltimore hospitals during the Freddie Gray riots, you can take advantage of skilled private security and protect your employees and patients. 

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