Work Place Violence: Another reason to consider the security of your company

Armed Security Guard Baltimore

NBC News Reports: A “disgruntled employee” killed two Walmart colleagues and wounded a responding police officer Tuesday in far northwest Mississippi, authorities said.

The deadly incident started at about 6:32 a.m. at the superstore before another responding officer eventually wounded the shooter, who was then taken into custody, a Southaven police dispatcher said.

This happened in Mississippi. It can happen just about anywhere. When planning for a business enterprise, it’s wise to take the security of your employees into consideration. We rely on the police to defend the public, but this is a common scenario. The police took 3 minutes to respond which is remarkable in itself.

Every company should have contingency plans and if there is a possibility of harm to your employees, consider off-duty armed police officers in the case of disgruntled employees. We can help. Call Chris for an assessment. – Armed Security Guard Baltimore by Police Protection Services Maryland

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