Reasons to Partner with a Specialized Armed Security Provider.

Reasons to Partner with a Specialized Armed Security Provider.

When it comes to protecting your business, hiring a specialized armed security provider can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property and employees are well-protected. Here are four benefits of partnering with a reputable armed security provider: 1. Access to expertise and resources: A specialized armed security provider has the […]

The Deterrence Effect: 5 Reasons to Protect Your Business and Clientele.

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Business has become increasingly difficult, especially for retail stores. In many major metropolitan cities, theft, robbery and larceny rank high on the list of most common crimes. These crimes happen 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I am sure many, if not all major and small business owners have contemplated hiring an […]

Why You Might Need Armed Security in Today’s Climate

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Are you on the fence about whether you need armed security for your business? It can be a tough decision! However, we have three reasons why hiring armed security can be the best choice for your business, your employees and your customers in today’s climate. Presence is Everything Our security team is armed, but we […]

The Case for Added Security in Common Areas

Common Area Security

What do banks, hospitals and pharmacies all have in common? They are all public places with a lot of foot traffic. In a time characterized by a general sense of uncertainty, securing these common areas with an off-duty, well-trained police officer is more important than ever. What can off-duty police presence do for your space? […]

Why Your Hospital Needs Extra Security During Protests and Riots

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Hospital Security Baltimore Hospital Security Guard: Many private businesses have taken the initiative to hire additional private security assistance as a result of the recent protests and riots sweeping the United States. However, other businesses like hospitals and banks should also consider stepping up their existing security force to meet the uptick in need.  Lessons […]

The Need for Security During Protests and Riots

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Over the past month, there has been a great deal of civil unrest in the United States. From protests to riots, and from peaceful marches to violent looting, it’s critical that your business is protected and prepared. Hiring private security for your business is the best way to make sure your customers feel safe and […]

Why You Need Professional Firearms Training and Certification

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At Police Protection Services, LLC, we are proud to announce that our firearms training and certification classes have officially begun. With all of the uncertainty in the world, now is the perfect time to book your permit and certification course. There are many reasons why you should choose to work with a professional for your […]

K-9 Handlers Take Precautions to Keep Dogs Away from Opioids, New Texas Law & MORE!

Police officers are taking precautions that protect the dogs and themselves from Opioids. … It also provides advice on teaching dog handlers how to administer | Security Dogs Baltimore CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio — We often hear about the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic here in Ohio, but one aspect of the epidemic that isn’t […]